Iron law of Prohibition

Buprenorphine Post
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Postby mack86 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:01 am

Interesting. Thanks!

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Postby jmosby1469 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:01 am

My view: strange, but I'm just one voice.

Jeremy K
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Postby Jeremy K » Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:01 am

I need no proof, nor does anyone with common sense who is not in denial (or lying about it so as to maintain their position/influence). We could reduce the narcotics problem to the societal nuisance level of ETOH with 2 strokes of the pen:
1. Legalize it for adults. Buy Oxycodone down the street at the Oxy-Mart if you want to. No restrictions except to minors and DUI.
2. Abolish welfare.

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