Benzodiazepine OD's a major problem

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Postby rickbennettmd » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:28 am

My opinion, on the other hand, is that benzos are the sine qua non of anxiety symptom treatment efficacy.

Unfortunately we have seen their attendant problems become apparent.

They are indispensable anesthetic meds, by the way (I am an anesthesiologist.) Versed is the primary sedative used for medical procedures. It's quite often lethal in this setting, as well, in the hands of other specialists!

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Postby kcairns » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:28 am

I am ever amazed by the numbers of people absolutely sure they cannot ever be off bzd..none of which selective for anxiety, all just cns depressants, , I am aware they are indispensable parenterally in many acute situations or po in defined short term residential settings but they never should have been allowed for anything else, it is wrong that they were... I much enjoy reading work from uk benzo and prof heather ashton would have benefitted much w from young childhood of sustaining nonjudgemental awareness of arising sensory events

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