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Postby kcairns » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:57 am

Dave thanks, I s obviously you have been looking at the fine print in the cap lift to 200 in the federal registry and preparing to comment -- good , thanks....for they have tied it into such a mess of knots that it has not a chance of helping one of the people crying out to me for help, pregnant, young kids, suicidal thoughts , risk of od etc - as the only doc, with greatly respected reputation in this rural area, no other bup providers geographically accessible for past 10 yrs -- the only possible hop of all these people but in my one person office, having helped so many from the start tho only boards are in , I.M. but I have 0 possibility of the laborious tangle they would continually put me thru in order to help these folks, they will suffer and die.., whereas w zero of that I could rx then all unlimited MS OXY METHADONE DILAUDID BENZOS etc etc, only hope of those like you and me now after the ignorant sham gov proclamation of allowing 200 is to again share our vanguard experiences on the fed registry comments section

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Postby Dave » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:57 am

kcairns, your comment about Congress worrying more about bup expanded therapy causing more diversion than the diversion and deaths related to oxycontin makes a very good talking point for those of us who will correspond with Congress. They also need to know more deaths are caused by opiate overdoses than automobile accidents. I find it interesting that government has been responsible for more deaths from both causes. First by forcing manufacture of small cars with no steel frames, second by limiting use of buprenorphine therapy.

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