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Postby drpasser » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:13 am

I would ck with your state' medical board and your liability company to first get their advice.

I send them a letter, here in Mizzippi, it need not be certified. I usually will give the pt a month's supply of one 8/2 dose per day, along with a print out of every waivered doctor in the state. That can be found on the: buprenorphine physician locator.

In my termination letter, I keep it short and sweet and do not put the reason for termination in the letter.

I usually have a sentence or two like: "Please be aware, I am available for emergencies over the next 30 days. Should an emergency arise, I will likely direct you to seek****istance at the nearest emergency department."

I always close the letter saying: "I wish the best for you and your family."

It is not illegal to discharge a pt, but you already knew that.

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