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Postby hedwards » Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:00 pm

Disappointing, Kevin. For example my old neighbor Dr. Saxon writes about "psychosocial" whatever without defining it. He suggests that OBOT patients might do better with longer rather than shorter "medication management counseling." Not only does he not tell us what that is, but he fails to explain how to make it last 45" Should be talk slower, or what? He seems to have overlooked the fact that psychotherapy is a treatment, usually for mental illness. It's not something you just start and stop like putting on a coat. He misidentifies support groups as treatment. He writes, "The quality of the therapeutic alliance between psychosocial therapist and patient is probably more important than the type of therapy applied." So?

The entire "guidance" is sophomoric, patronizing, vague, and totally lacking in rigor. Do you want me to look at the other ones?

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