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Postby drpasser » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:34 pm

FM pharmacist?

I have known for a long time now, they they are not, technically allowed more then five refills on a scheduled drug for partial fills. So that makes six total, partial fills per Rx. Many(more Mom & Pop joints)may choose to do more partial fills than five, but they don't have to. It is unclear to me, whether they are not supposed to do it or not, and how much latitude they're obligated with which to comply.

Some Rx stores, esp CVS (and based on, I think, problems with full agonist Rxs, esp in FLA); now have what they call: "Best Practices."

Like with the CVSs around here, (for the past six months or so) if a pt, for example, gets a partial fill of two weeks worth; then finds out he or she has to go OOT to work, and tries to then p/u the balance of his Rx early-they won't allow it without talking to me and obtaining an "override."

It's very frustrating, inconveniences the pt and me, and as such-I have told pts to avoid CVS, if they are having partial fills. It's happened about 20 times now and I hate it. It doesn't seem at all right, as the pt voluntarily chose to only have filled a certain proportion of his or her Rx, whereas, he or she could have just had the entire Rx filled in the first place.

Doesn't matter. They can't have an early, partial refill.

Clearly, it's just part of the much larger conspiracy to get on my last nerve :-)


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