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Postby trip » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:54 pm

You are welcome. It is my favorite topic<G> I have found an inner peace and strength through working the twelve steps, and feel very strongly that it is important to carry the message. I have so many questions about how to work with my patients and friends early in recovery. I do not believe being on suboxone keeps one from being able to honestly work steps. What I dont know is when to begin weaning people I have some with continuous clean time of 4 mos, but i dont know if the time clean, the step they are working on, or other factors are most important. I fully realize that with many of the addicts I work with I am just practicing harm reduction, and a 12 step program is not worth pushing. But to see some of these younger heroin addicts get clean, see their personalities change, see them at least open up to the idea of God is very gratifying. I am not a proselytizing nut, I carry the message quietly, dont do it perfectly, and would love to share others experiences, and get some feedback.

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Postby jrothmd » Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:54 pm

Thanks for opening up this topic, trip. I shared on the group psychotherapy board about this issue, and I am grateful that we have another venue to carry the message that pharmacology and spirituality do not have to be adversaries.

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